Mickey has his eyes set on a State Title

CLARKSTON, WA - Mickey Smith is a senior second baseman with Clarkton's baseball team.

He said his position is pretty easy because of the short throws but it's not without it's challenges.

"Some challenge I guess would be throw downs because sometimes you get a short hop or a medium hop, which medium hops are the hardest," said Smith. "Other than that turn two I guess a little bit.

Smith said in his four years as a Bantam, it's his hitting that has improved the most. A State title is what Clarkston has set out to achieve this season, while the improvement to his hitting game will help, he knows what the Bantams must do to accomplish that goal.

"We just have to play clean defense and hit the ball," said Smith. "We've got pretty good pitching this year so we just have to do those things and we should get there."

Defeating Lewiston last year was among the many highlights of Mickey's time with Clarkston. One more highlight may happen tomorrow when the Bantams face off against East Valley for first place heading into the district tournament.

With accomplishing so much in the past four years, and more left to accomplish this season, when asked to describe his career as a Bantam, Mickey can do it in one word.

"Fun," said Smith.