Moser's dominance and crazy hook shots on the court keeps Wildcats winning

COLTON, WA - Colton girl's basketball has a dynasty in the making as they've won state the past five years in a row.

A big part of their success is a young lady who dominates on the court, but also has huge dreams of becoming an architect! Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" Colton High senior Jenna Moser.

If there is anything that everyone can appreciate, it's a humble individual. One way you can tell that this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" is humble is when the three-sport star was asked if she's a great athlete.

"If that's what you like to think...I like to think so too, I guess," said Moser.

And as much as Colton High senior Jenna Moser enjoys softball and volleyball, basketball is always her first love, and she's been playing since?

"First grade?.. right in there," said Moser. "I have two old sisters so I was always play with them around the house and things like that but yeah since first grade since I was six."

You know what else she's been doing since first grade? Getting immaculate grades!

"I have maintained a 4.0 so far in my high school career, so hopefully keep that going strong," said Moser.

Perfect grades and wears a couple Presidential hats.

"I am the ASB President, and then the National Honor Society President, so it's busy around here," said Moser.

And she already knows where she wants to continue her education.

"Hopefully University of Arizona, or University of Washington, and I'd like to pursue a degree in architecture," said Moser.

In her rare free time...

"My dad's a farmer, so I like to be out in the outdoors with him helping him," said Moser. "I drive truck in the summer, other than that, there's not much free time for me. So I just like to relax, you know, every teenage girl, like to watch TV yeah."

She just happens to live with her heroes!

"Definitely my mom and my dad," said Moser. Yeah, they've been through a lot, like losses in the family and stuff like that, and we've always just stayed together, so they're definitely people I look up to."

Colton High senior Jenna Moser is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," an honor she is proud of knowing that kids look up to her.

"This is a K through 12 school, so seeing all the kids in the hallway, and I know a lot of them by name," said Moser. "So it's cool to have that influence and they recognize when they're at the games and they see that, so it's just cool to be a role model."