Moser's free time is dedicated to sports and continuing a basketball career

GENESEE, ID - It's truly amazing how an athlete can have two completely different mentalities...a warrior while on the court or field, and a sweet, humble person off of it.

That easily describes this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" Genesee High senior, Sam Moser!

"You can use your strength and kinda, legally rough people up underneath and so," said Moser.

A fighter on the court, a brainiac off it.

"Good, I have a three-seven, which I think is good for most student athletes," said Moser.

As a senior, it's time to look into the future.

"Next year, as of right now, I definitely want to continue my basketball career," said Moser. "Possibly my softball career, so I'm looking here and there. I'm keeping my options open right now, but as a potential career, I definitely want to go into elementary education."

So where would her higher education commence?

"No matter what, I'll probably end up back at the U of I," said Moser. "I think, as far as playing basketball or softball at the next level, I'll probably try to stick with a community school. I mean, I've grown up in a small community like Genesee...shifting from a small school to a small community college will probably fit me best."

Much of her free time is dedicated to sports and family.

"Well I'm a huge sports kid here so, I have two brothers so we, a lot in our spare time we have at home, we go in the backyard and shoot hoops together, play catch," said Moser.

Her heroes are the two who helped her become who she is today.

"I would definitely say my parents, they've taught me everything I know," said Moser. "For the most part sports, and everything so you know, I try to make them proud by acting responsibly in giving the Moser last name a really good reputation here, I think that's really important."

And she stays humble despite being presented with an individual award.

"My family, my teachers, community members that always come out to support me and the team," said Moser. "I mean, I'm very honored but I don't look at it for me, I look at it for our town more so."

congrats to this week's p-one-f-c-u prep athlete of the week, Genesee High senior, Sam Moser.