Nezperce PG Carpenter named P1FCU Prep Athlete of Week


This week’s P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week might not light up the scoreboard on a regular basis but her 9 points and 8 assists per game average is nearly good enough for a double-double. Her team sits with an 18-2 record and will be making a return trip to State next week. It’s time to meet Nezperce High’s Kourtne Carpenter.

In a game that has become far too serious in recent years it is awesome to see a smiling face on the hardwood like Kourtne Carpenter. But as upbeat as she may seem, her life was turned upside down when she was 12.

"I was young so it didn't really hit me until like last year actually,” said Kourtne. “I just want to thank my coach for everything, he's supported me and like when I lost my mom he played a big role in helping getting me through that and help me continue my career in basketball."

And if it wasn’t for that support from her coach, family and friends Kourtne wouldn’t be thriving in her current role as the team leader in assists.

"He wants me to be the coach on the floor, passing the ball a lot and he believes in me so I believe in myself," said Kourtne.

The three sports varsity letter winner is plenty talented athletically but it’s not the only talent the junior has.

"I can like fold my tongue in half, it's weird it's like I feel like it's double-jointed,” said Kourtne.

Although that talent won’t likely take her far in life, the cali-girl has plans of going to school to study forestry and fire fighting and those plans came to light late summer of 2015.

"Some of my friends had their houses burn down and that really affected me and shows that we'll always be able to help whether it's like digging trenches or actually putting out fire,” said Kourtne. “I don't think I would have said that 18 months ago. It just really impacted me and it's crazy how that happened. It only happens like once in ten years but when it does it takes a lot of people's lives and turns them upside down.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Kourtne this evening. Each week throughout the school year KLEW Sports and P1FCU team up to highlight a deserving athlete in the area. If you have someone you’d like to nominate just go to click on sports and then Prep Athlete. Every Wednesday those athletes are showcased on KLEW-TV for their outstanding accomplishments.

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