Orton has no complaints for senior year

LAPWAI, ID - Kody Orton is heading into his senior season with the Lapwai High School boy's basketball team and so far has no complaints.

"It's been fun, it's been intense." said Orton. "We've been having a lot of good games, close battles and everything you could wish for your senior year."

Kody has been described as a great asset to his team. Always striving to do his best and improve, he also likes to keep things a little lose. He says when the pressure is on, he is all smiles.

"It's one of those things you go out there and have fun." said Orton. "That's usually when you play your best is just having fun and going out there and having a good time."

Kody says with the way the Wildcats are playing and the direction they are heading, one of the biggest memories of his career will be his senior year. When asked to describe his entire career with Lapwai, Kody says it's all about improvement.

"I would just say that from freshman year all the way up we've just gotten better and this year should be our year."