P1FCU Prep Athlete, Jackson has sights set on PBA Tour


Every single week we’re introduced to some of the best football players, basketball players or baseball players the area has to offer. But today we meet a man from a sport that generally goes unnoticed, and this guy is making waves not only locally, but nationally as well. It’s time to meet LHS senior bowler, Davin Jackson.

Davin Jackson is a quiet kid from the northwest, but if you need a friend, you’ve got one in Davin.

"I'm huge hearted,” said Jackson. “I love it, I love everyone."

But this huge hearted senior from northwest Indiana has a skill that few could only dream of.

"It's just been a sport I've been addicted to ever since I was three years old,” said Jackson.

Davin who throws as many as 20 games per week to own his craft is not planning to further his education, as many of his former classmates will.

"The more I kept going in bowling and the more I kept improving, my main goal that I want to do right now is the PBA,” said Jackson. “Everyone wants to learn how to make a name for themselves, well this is how I want to make my name. I really want to put myself out there and be known as one of the best bowlers there can be."

The man who spends some of his free time playing video games has been in contact with the Professional Bowling Association and has no plans of looking back, but he knows he’s far from a well-oiled machine.

"It would be, probably my emotions,” said Jackson. “Trying to keep myself straight up. Trying to keep everything align with how I bowl. But I think the hardest part, is the pressure it brings on."

The righty who uses situational team bowling as a way to improve during pressurized situations states he’s heard it all in his quest to become pro.

"I've heard from a couple people that they don't think I will make it or I'm not good enough to be in it but from my friends and family, I've hear a lot of encouraging stuff,” said Jackson.

Jackson will travel to Cleveland in July to compete in the Junior Gold Championships has compiled a season average of 204, that’s only about ten pins off of some of the top PBA competitors and Jackson said he’s closing in on his first 300 game.

"I've thrown two 299 games,” said Jackson. “It's kind of, it's bad, it's depressing but it's what it is and I'll try for it even harder next time."

We hope you enjoyed meeting Davin this evening. Each week throughout the school year KLEW Sports and P1FCU team up to highlight a deserving athlete in the area. If you have someone you’d like to nominate just go to, click on sports and then prep athlete. Every Wednesday, those athletes are showcased right here on KLEW-TV for their outstanding accomplishments.

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