Participating in three different sports shows Krull does multi-task

ASOTIN, WA - In today's world, you really need to be able to multi-task to get we meet a young man who plays four positions on his football team, plays three different sports, is an avid fisherman, and keeps a 4.0 GPA. How's that for multi tasking? Let's meet P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week", Asotin High Junior Dayton Krull.

Most prep football players will typically play one position on each side of the ball...not Asotin High's Dayton Krull.

"I play quarterback, running back, fullback, linebacker, and my freshman year I played the offensive pretty much all of them," said Krull.

That's gotta be hard to pick a favorite.

"I'd have to go with the quarterback spot," said Krull. "It's a lot of fun, it's a lot of pressure, but I enjoy being out there with the team and having them all around you and being able to help the team even more."

Off the field, we find out how well Dayton is doing in the classroom.

"Right now I have a 4.0," said Krull. "Yep, very well...grades are very important to me. "Obviously without the grades, you can't play sports and in my family, it's grades first. In my family, my parents really push it hard so I appreciate that."

He's only a junior, but he's already looking beyond his senior year.

Yeah I'm definitely going to go to college," said Krull. "at least a four-year university, that's for sure."

Sure there's other options, but I always have to ask...Coug or Vandal?

"Right now, I want to go to WSU," said Krull. "That's my main goal, is to go to WSU."

Aside from his aunt going there and making him a Cougar fan, he already knows what he wants to major in.

"I want to go into criminal justice, and I hear they have a really good criminal justice program up there," said Krull. "So I would love nothing more than to go up there."

As much as he is mostly set on going to WSU, sports still dominate in his mind.

"If I was to get a scholarship to play football or basketball, even to a junior college, I would go there," said Krull. "I really want to play sports in college, so even if that means going off my future, or my previous life goals of going to WSU, I would do it."

Off the field and out of the classroom, you can find him by the river.

"I enjoy is one of my favorite hobbies," said Krull. "I do it almost every weekend and I love this time of season because the steelhead are running."

As for his hero? you gotta love mom!

"My mom would definitely be my first pick," said Krull. "Just cause she's a great example for me and she's definitely the best mom I could ever ask for. "And, I don't know, just watching her and...I know she had some rough things happen so just watching her and knowing she got through it just gives me...shows me that I can get through anything I need to."

Dayton is humbled to have been selected as this week's P1FCU Athlete of the Week.

"It really feels good," said Krull. "I mean, obviously there's a lot of other really hard working people out there and to know that you got nominated, it feels pretty good to know that you got recognized."

Finally, Dayton leaves us with his favorite quote which is one we should all live by.

"You miss every shot that you don't take," said Krull.

Wwe hope you enjoyed meeting Dayton Krull. Each week throughout this school year KLEW Sports and P1FCU team up to highlight a deserving athlete in the area. If you have someone you'd like to nominate, just go to and click on sports, then prep athlete.
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