Ralstin excited about second year with Bengals

LEWISTON, ID - Megan Ralstin is getting ready for the start of her second year with the Lewiston Bengals Track and Field Team.

Megan said looking back at her first year, with the help of coaches and teammates, one of her biggest accomplishments was getting over her fear and acclimated to the new team environment.

Megan competes in usually three but sometimes four different events for the Bengals. If you ask her to pick her favorite, she'll tell you it's a tie between long jump and triple jump.

"My favorite part about the long jump is just that I feel so powerful when I jump and it's just a good feeling to jump," said Ralstin. "Triple jump, it makes me feel coordinated because otherwise I'm usually not."

In her sophomore year, Megan said the coaches are helping her to improve in all aspects of the events she competes in. However, that's not stopping her from setting her own personal goals.

"I want to try and get 17, I want to get up there, that's my goal for long jump." said Ralstin. "Triple jump I want to just be able to look back and say that I really fixed how my phases are equal."