Ristau achieves on the track even with shin splints.

ASOTIN, WA - Many kids grow up with dreams of being a doctor or an athlete or don't meet too many that want to dive into genetics. That's just one of the unique traits of Asotin High's Julia Ristau.

It was a cold day in Clarkston where the Asotin High Panthers track team practices, but weather, lack of sleep, and even shin splints can't stop junior Julia Ristau from giving her all on the track. This is one of the reasons she's this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.

"That's so cool because I've worked really hard, well my whole team has worked really hard, but it's just cool to get recognition," said Julie.

What a team player! Let's get to know you, Julia. What sports do you play?

"I do track, bowling, volleyball..," said Julia.

Bowling, that's interesting. On the track she runs the hundred, 200, and group relays, but how about outside of sports?

"This year I've been working with the Distinguished Young Women's program," said Julia.

Which is a wonderful program that she helps out with by volunteering around the area. And how are the grades looking?

"I think I have a 3.98," said Julia. "I think I got an A minus back in eighth grade."

Eighth Grade? That shouldn't even count. Just kidding.. and how about the future? Any idea what you would like to do for a living?

"Probably be a medical geneticist," said Julia. "I want to find cures for genetic diseases."

Does that mean you want to make a real life Jurassic Park?

"No, I want to stay away from the cloning of animals," said Julia. "I want to work more towards finding cures and discovering things about it."

A noble cause from a noble student. Have time for anything else?

"I love playing guitar, I love reading, I'm always reading," said Julia.

Asotin Head Track Coach Sal Lopez loves what she brings not only to the team, but to the world.

"She's just a blast to have around," said Lopez. "She's kind of sweet and innocent but you put her on the track, she's a lioness..and she does not like to lose."

She sites her parents as her true heroes, but there's another group who is always there for her.

"My team is so great," said Julia. "We're always so supportive of each other, and they're always there to make you laugh and they're always there to give you a hug."