Swim meets, drama club and piano keep Pearson enjoying life

LEWISTON, ID - Imagine a kid who's a one of the best swimmers in the valley...then throw in great grades, prominent singer, accomplished musician, aspiring actor, minor comedian, and truly loves his parents.

Well then you'd have this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" let's meet Lewiston High junior Thomas Pearson.

Thomas Pearson has been swimming for many years now, and competes for Lewiston High's club team as well as the L-C Valley Neptunes club team, but there's so much more to him!

"I've been doing piano longer than swimming, about eleven years now," said Pearson. "I've gotten pretty good at it now I think. It's a really good escape to practice, a really good skill to acquire."

And he's learned so many classical pieces, he's started making originals.

"I've composed a few songs...composed a few...solo piano pieces," said Pearson. "I even wrote a rap song, which is interesting."

And you might see him around town!

"I do a lot of gigs around town with my two buddies in jazz band," said Pearson. "We do gigs at Jazzies, we do gigs for almost anything."

We could be looking at the next Billy Joel seeing as Thomas is a singer as well...something that means so much to him when he's with his fellow singers.

"Just being together in the band room and making beautiful sounds and music together is just a gift unlike any other," said Pearson. "It's a real luxury, a real blessing to be with people that I love and to do things that I love like singing."

In fact, music is something he's looking to study in the future.

"I would think that I would pursue a music education," said Pearson. "I've been told that I should even go into the doctorate level for a master of music I guess."

He's also recently dipped into the drama club, as he gives us a taste of Marlon Brando's godfather.

"Now Michael, let it be known that, on the sons of my grandchildren, I will swim a fast 500," said Pearson.

When not imitating classic actors, he gives his time to his roots.

"With any free time I do, I like to spend it with my family, I do anything...experience life, have fun," said Pearson.

He reminds us what's important with today's busy lifestyle.

"You know, not everybody gets to see their family anymore with median, with things to do, it gets so crazy in life and family's always there and it's really important," said Pearson.

There are so many reasons why Thomas is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," an honor he is proud to have achieved.

"It's a huge honor," said Pearson. "It makes me feel good that people recognize me as someone of that statue, someone that loves to play and loves to learn."

Congratulations, Thomas. We'll see you in the pool, on the stage, at jazz clubs, and seemingly everywhere else!