Sydney Cornell helped the Genesee High volleyball team win state title

GENESEE, ID - Helping people is something that most individuals should want to do when they have the opportunity. Helping people for a living? That is dedication to living a happy life.

We meet a young woman who wants to do just that, all while helping her school in three different sports, including help win a state championship just a few days ago. This week's P1FCU Prep Athlete is Genesee High senior Sydney Cornell.

The Genesee High volleyball team just recently won state, and it means the world to their players...specifically one of their stars.

"It like meant the world to me because being able to play with my sister like I said," said Cornell. "And then having this team like this year, it meant the world to me because we're all so close. We've been together since kindergarten type thing so just being able to win it as a family, it was like...the world basically."

Sydney's a three-sport athlete playing softball, basketball, and obviously volleyball, and despite all the dedication she has to those, including helping her volleyball team to that state championship, she cares about her performance in the classroom.

"I have a 3.77 I think...with all of it," said Cornell. "And hopefully by the time I 'm done with math, I'll have all my math credits for college so I won't have to do that in college for nursing."

Well I guess that answers what she wants to do. Why nursing?

"I really like helping people and caring for them," said Cornell. "So if anyone needs me I wanna be that person that they can rely on kind of thing."

and she's looking to stay local to continue her education.

"I'm looking into LCSC and possibly NIC for their nursing programs," said Cornell.

When not in the court or classroom, she wants to be outside.

"Hanging out with my friends and family," said Cornell. "I love camping, four-wheeling, fishing, hunting, just like being with the family, being outdoors type of stuff."

And what's something about you that we should all know?

"I am a horrible singer," said Cornell. "Only in the shower would I ever do that, for nobody to hear but me."

"My hero would definitely be my dad because he recently got laid off his job and he had to move to Hawaii and work over there," said Cornell. "And he had to miss a lot of my senior games, but he stuck it out because it's best for what our family needed type of stuff. So I really honor him about what he would do for us type of thing, and my mom of course cause they're my parents and I'd like to be exactly like them when I grow up."

And finally, a big reason why Genesee High senior Sydney Cornell is this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week, her graciousness.

"It means like a lot to me because I wanna be the person who people can rely on me," said Cornell. "I'm always there if they need anything. Like even if you're mad at me, you can still come to me cause I would still be there for you. I don't hold grudges against people, it's really easy to just forget and move on type of thing, and I really would like to thank everyone for that."

Congrats, Sydney, and thank you for helping out however you can!