Teigen credits Asotin coaches & community for success

ASOTIN, WA - For Asotin senior Chase Teigen, his final campaign as a Panther has been nothing short of stellar.

With many victories under his belt - all while setting personal best times - Chase attributes his success back to the community and to his coach.

"I really like the smaller environment here with the coach, I really like the coach, he's been a big part of my season." said Teigen. "Just that sense of family and Tim as a coach has been the major part of my success this year."

For every athlete, each year is spent on getting better. For Chase, he says his off-season workouts have been his biggest improvement over his career.

"Usually if I slack off in the summer I usually don't do well in the next season." said Teigen. "The time spent in the summer and the winter is definitely time well spent."

Breaking the Asotin school record in the one-mile and two-mile events at the State Meet last year is a personal highlight for Chase. Keeping that in mind, Chase says he has two more goals to achieve before his career as a Panther is over.

"The end of the season I'm trying to go sub-10 minutes in the two mile." said Teigen. "That's two less than five minute miles in a row. And then I need to break my mile time, probably get in the 4:20's, those are my two goals."