Teigen wins 2nd at State Cross Country Championships

ASOTIN, WA - Cross country can be intimidating to some, especially those who don't find joy in running.

However, for Asotin Sophomore Chandler Teigen, running cross-country is something that he not only enjoys but is also very good at.

Being a part of the cross-country team is not something the Chandler Teigen had always thought he would do. In fact, heading into high school he had other ambitions, ambitions his mom wasn't overly excited about.

"I actually wanted to be a football player when I was in 6th, 7th grade," said Teigen. "And then I don't really remember any conversations I had with my mom but I guess she convinced me not to play football because she was worried about me but I guess that's how I started running."

Wanting to also follow in his brother Chase's footsteps, who is now graduated, they would occasionally train together which led to Chandler eventually breaking a record his brother had set.

"I beat his course record at the Chief Timothy Island meet by seven seconds, so we're about even," said Teigen.

Wanting to stay humble, and be respectful of his brother, he never even tried to talk it.

"I figured he didn't really want to and I've never been one to talk to people about that stuff," said Teigen. "I'd much rather talk to someone that I lost to than I'd beat, it'd be a lot more comfortable for me."

That being the case, there's not many people Chandler ever had the opportunity to talk to as he finished second in the Washington State Division 1B/2B Boys Cross Country Championships.

"At state I ran 16:22," said Teigen.

That's a :38 second improvement over his time last year, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

"I try to get a 4.0," said Teigen. "I got one last year and this year so far I have one, which we haven't hit semester yet so I guess time will tell if I can keep it but I have one right now so that's good."