The competitive nature of basketball keeps Dietz hooked on the game

CRAIGMONT, ID - As a senior at Highland High School Libby Dietz is at the top of her game, both on the court and in the classroom. She's had a triple double with over 20 points.

Highland High School's Libby Dietz first got into basketball while in elementary school, but not because of her parents.

"I had a mentor that played basketball named Genene Nelson and she got me going and playing," said Libby.

At the perfect height, 5'11, Libby's teammates find her "inside the court", quite often giving Libby the perfect opportunity to put up impressive numbers. Earlier this season she posted a triple double with 22 points, 13 rebounds, and ten steals. Libby said it's the competitive nature of basketball that keeps her hooked.

"I like the intensity and the aggressiveness and I just like taking it to them," said Libby.

Which is exactly what she did Tuesday night against Timberline, in the Division ll District Tournament. Libby scored 23 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and added 5 steals plus put up the game winning basket. And she followed that with a free throw in overtime to beat Timberline 42-39, but this senior isn't only good on the court, she gets good grades too.

"I have pretty good grades, I'm in National Honor Society," said Libby.

Getting it done, not only in the classroom and the floor, she also helps at home. As the oldest child, Libby serves as a role model, especially to her little sister that plays basketball.

"My little sister looks up to me and really enjoys playing basketball and I help her out," said Libby.

Just a few months shy of graduation, Libby has hopes of continuing to hoop it up...

"I want to play college basketball," said Libby. "I've already applied to LCSC and I'm accepted and I want to walk on or just play in intramural sports."

Having goals for the future, working hard to achieve them, and focusing on doing the best she can do, makes Highland High School's Libby Dietz, this weeks P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.