Trojan's basketball leading scorer makes Malm leader on the court

TROY, ID - He may not be the typical height of your average basketball player but Troy High School's Brooks Malm is above the rest.

Standing at 5'10" on a good day, Troy High School's Brooks Malm isn't wowing anyone with his height, but his abilities on the court are second to none. That being said, he won't tell you he's any type of leader on the court.

"All of us have a common goal," said Brooks. "We want to get it done together more than anything before any one person leads, we're in together."

This team player has been on the court for as long as he can remember, just one of the benefits of being a coaches son.

"I've been playing basketball ever since I was....before I can remember," said Brooks. "My dad taking me to practice and putting me on those little tyke hoops."

From little tyke hoops to ten foot hoops, Brooks has been putting up big numbers. He's the leading scorer for the Trojans but claims he doesn't keep track. One fact he will divulge is his track record in the class room.

"I like to think of myself as a pretty good student," said Brooks. "Dad's the principal so I'm on a pretty short leash."

Scoring in the classroom and on the court, Brooks said he would like to play in college but he has set his sights beyond being a player.

"I hope to become a college basketball coach," said Brooks. "That's kind of my career goal, I hope to become a college basketball coach, division l."

Although he has his goals set, he's not in any hurry to trade the court for the sidelines saying there's a lot he is going to miss.

"The losing sucks but even that, after high school you're gonna miss that," said Brooks. "You're gonna miss the late night talks with your dad, and you're gonna miss hanging out with your teammates on and off the the floor."

But the season's not over yet. With a win Tuesday night over Clearwater Valley, a battle in which Brooks had a game-high 21 points, the Trojans will face top-seeded Genesee on Monday in the district semi-finals.

"Now we're here, it's kinda time to prove what you're made of," said Brooks.

It's that kind of determination that earned Brooks the honor of being this weeks P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.