Ungerer is leading Pullman High in offensive yards plus other categories

PULLMAN, WA - Being humble is a trait that is never looked down upon in any sport or aspect of life. But in many cases, it's something that is learned in time and not developed at a younger age. This week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" embodies humbleness while being one of the best athletes on the Palouse and being recruited to play Division1 football next year. Let's meet Pullman High senior, David Ungerer.

The Pullman high football team has a very special, all-around athlete on their team, senior David Ungerer. Did I say that right?

"Ungerer, yeah," said Ungerer. "It's tough, people have been struggling with it all my life so, yeah."

He's leading his league in offensive yards and a few other categories, yet stays humble about his accomplishments.

"It's been a pretty good year, all thanks to my teammates who have really been there for me throughout the season," said Ungerer.

As for his grades...

"Classroom, I'm having my best year so far, thank goodness," said Ungerer.

Favorite subject?

"Other than weights, I really enjoy math," said Ungerer.

And he already knows where he will be learning his math next year.

"I committed to Idaho to play football," said Ungerer.

Guess I don't need to ask the Vandal or Coug question then! Any plans on a major yet?

"Physical education," said Ungerer. "My dad majored in that when he was in college and I kinda wanna follow in his footsteps of being a coach."

As for what he enjoys in his rare free time?

"I just really enjoy hanging out with my friends," said Ungerer. "I have a lot of friends on this football team here. You know, whenever we hang out on the weekend, we like to hang out and just watch football games over the weekend. So I don't really do anything special, just kind of chill I guess."

David has a hero that isn't just his, but his whole family's hero.

"I mean my parents overcame a lot, especially my dad," said Ungerer. "He's made a lot of sacrifices for the family and he beat cancer and is going through it again right now, so he's had to overcome a lot in his life. Keeps doing what he can to keep the food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. And he's really helped me in life to being the person who I am and who I want to be and he helps me a lot in sports and so he's a big role model for me."

David's dad, Dave, is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and Running Back's Coach for Utah State. David's current head coach, Dan Lucier, also thinks the world of him.

"He's a leader that leads by example, he's always the guy that's gonna be our front leading the troops," said Lucier. "On a scale of one to ten, he's an eleven!"

A big congrats to Pullman senior David Ungerer, this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week!