Ungerer's hours of prep work pay off to help win the State Championship

PULLMAN, WA - Pullman High School recently won the Washington 2-A State Basketball Championship for the first time in the school's history, and junior David Ungerer was one of the players who helped bring home the victory.

"Unbelievable," said Ungerer. "Greatest night of my life, and I couldn't really describe the feeling I had that night."

Getting ready for the championship in Yakima meant preparing on and off the court.

"We watched film on each opponent after practice, and when I was at home I'd watch it," said Ungerer.

But the hours of prep-work paid off.

"We really moved the ball well, and just played as a team very well," said Ungerer.

Ungerer said his strengths on the court are dribbling and passing, and that he's always played the same position.

"Considering my size, I can really only play point guard," said Ungerer.

Ungerer stands at only five-foot-six, but he doesn't let his height hold him back.

"I've always been this height, and always had to deal with bigger opponents," said Ungerer. "You know, I've kind of been able to kind of discover ways to make it an advantage of mine."

His love for basketball is only matched by one other sport... football.

"You know, the best sport you can possibly play, it's just, you know a lot of fun," said Ungerer. "The excitement of Friday nights, and especially at Pullman High, it's just a great environment."

Ungerer's love for football may be genetic, considering he's the son of Dave Ungerer, who formerly served as an assistant coach with the WSU Football team. But whether he's competing on the court or on the field, Ungerer keeps one thing in mind.

"You know, just play as hard as you can, and you should be alright," said Ungerer.