Weakland likes the contact when playing basketball's post position

ASOTIN, WA - Asotin High has got a real gem of an athlete currently playing for their basketball team. A post player who keeps a 4.0 GPA, wants to be a vet, makes all her teammates laugh, and is just a joy to be around.

Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" Asotin High senior, Payton Weakland. Payton Weakland plays post for her basketball team and explains why she loves it.

"Well for one you don't have to dribble the ball and I'm not very good at that," said Weakland. "I like the contact sometimes because I like to throw my elbows a little bit, sometimes I can get aggressive and it's kinda fun."

Throw elbows? I hope no referees are watching!

"Okay well not like mean!" said Weakland.

A good sport, Payton plays basketball and volleyball, and is perfect in the classroom.

"I got straight A's this semester, so hopefully I keep it up this semester," said Weakland.

Favorite subjects?

"I like math and science," said Weakland. "I'm kind of a nerd."

And now to hear something you'll almost never hear from a high schooler!

"Chemistry is really fun, learning all the different chemicals and making stuff in the lab," said Weakland.

She's beyond her age. How about future plans?

"I wanna go to Eastern Washington," said Weakland. "I want to major in pre-veterinarian or nursing."

Either way, she'll be helping humans or animals. She also has a fun nickname.

"My brother, he always calls me pea-pod," said Weakland. "So now everyone at school calls me pea-pod. At the games, they sometimes chant it, it's kind of embarrassing."

As for her heroes.

"My parents for coming to all my games and supporting me," said Weakland. "Also my coaches, Abby and Mike, for everything they do. My teammates, they're always there for me and support me."

Congrats to Asotin High senior Payton Weakland, this week's well-deserving P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week!"