Wilson shows basketball dedication even during her time away from the court

LEWISTON, ID - Lewiston High junior Lynzee Wilson loves
basketball. When not in school or sleeping, she's usually playing basketball. When not on the court, she's usually thinking about basketball. Yet she still somehow manages to find time to maintain a near-perfect grade point average. Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Lynzee Wilson.

Lewiston High junior Lynzee Wilson loves basketball so much, she's dedicated herself to just playing that and no other sport. So she must have a lot of time in the off-season.

"Well, I play on a traveling basketball team, which starts the week after state gets done, so it's like basketball, basketball, basketball," said Wilson.

With all that basketball, we figure it must take a toll on the grades with so little study time.

"Good so far...I've only had one B this year, but I like all my classes," said Wilson.

A "B" is something many of us would be happy to get in school, not Lynzee.

"It's sad, I've had two B's my whole high school career," said Wilson.

Her only B this year was in math, where one of her assistant coaches is the teacher. Despite that fact, she couldn't get mad at him.

"No, I couldn't hold that against him," said Wilson. "Did you try? Yeah, I told him you better give me an A."

As you can see, she's also a jokester...but she's a jokester with big aspirations.

"Yeah, I want to be a pediatrician," said Wilson.

She might want to stay close to get her degree.

"I'd like to stay close to home, like U of I sounds nice," said Wilson. "So my family can come see me and I can come home whenever. And I'd be able to play with my sister which would be awesome."

Her sister, Karlee, is a freshman basketball player at the University of Idaho, was a standout player while playing for LHS, and is also Lynzee's hero.

"Just cause she set the standards high and showed it could be done in how successful she was in her high school career and how it took her into her college," said Wilson.

Lewiston High junior Lynzee Wilson is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," a feat she is proud of.

"It means a lot to me," said Wilson. "It's nice knowing that people can look up to me knowing that it's not always hard and it can be done and that they should want to be better and it's nice."

Well said...okay, how about one more random fact to give us all a smile.

"I want to go to Australia just so I can see a kangaroo," said Wilson.