Chargers leave San Diego, bolt for LA


While the Hawks and Falcons fans get ready for Saturday’s game, San Diego football fans lived their worst nightmare today (Thursday) when the San Diego Chargers officially announced that they’d relocate to Los Angeles to join the Rams who made the move prior to this year.

The Chargers decision to bolt to LA was a deal that predicated on getting a new stadium in San Diego which never formulated. The Chargers will play at the 30,000 seat Stubhub Center in nearby Carson, California and their friends voiced their displeasure with the move.

"This has been part of my family for 50 years. And I'm out of here, I'm done. Go to L-A, have a good time, take your family with you and get out of my city."

"My heart is broken right now. My mom and my uncle are probably turning over in their grave right now cuz they are the reason I'm a Chargers fan right now."

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