NFL reaches settlement for concussion-related brain injuries

LEWISTON, ID - In football and many other sports, concussion awareness has become a more prominent topic with more and more athletes being exposed to long term effects.

Thursday, the NFL Players Association scored a big win for it's former players. The NFL has reached a tentative $765 million settlement over concussion-related brain injuries among its 18,000 retired players. They've agreed to compensate victims, pay for medical exams and underwrite research.

More than 4,500 former athletes, some of which are suffering from dementia, depression or alzheimer's that they blamed on blows to the head, had sued the league, accusing it of concealing the dangers of concussions and rushing injured players back onto the field. They claimed the huge hits were great for highlight reels and made for good profits. The NFL has long denied any wrongdoing and insisted that safety has always been a top priority.