Seattle Seahawk Football player Wilson drills with Texas Rangers

SEATTLE, WA - So you know how that Russell Wilson guy just played a huge role in taking the Seahawks on a championship run this year?

Yeah...well he's gonna be a baseball player now. Don't worry everyone, he's not going to get hurt...the Seattle Seahawk's quarterback will be in a Texas Rangers uniform this Monday when the Major League Baseball Club plays an exhibition game against the Cleveland Indians.

Rangers Manager Ron Washington said there's no way he plans to play Wilson and will have him there mainly to talk to and inspire others. Though he may do some fielding drills with the team in camp before the game, Wilson will not be facing any 90-plus mile-per-hour fastballs at the plate, which brings a collective sigh of relief to the entire12th man and Seahawks organization.

Wilson was drafted by the Rangers during the MLB's minor league phase of the rule 5 draft in mid-December.