Shock turn focus to San Jose

SPOKANE, WA - Losing is never easy, especially when it happens in the last minute of a game.

That's exactly what happened to the Spokane Shock almost one week ago against the Utah Blaze. Head coach Andy Olson said watching the loss on film was tough.

"We watched film yesterday, relived it, didn't enjoy it," said Olson. "There's nothing any one of us can do about it. A loss is a loss and so it's time to move on."

Linebacker Terence Moore said their focus is now on preparing to play the San Jose Sabercats.

"I've thought about it the past couple night," said Moore. "The best thing to do is put it behind us and move on. We learned a lot from that game, we know how well we can play. Our thing is now just to prepare for San Jose."

The Shock will play San Jose on Saturday in California with kickoff scheduled for 7:P30pm.