Tuel tries to climb the ranks in the NFL

ROCHESTER, NY - A one-time great WSU quarterback could be getting a lot more NFL playing time despite the misfortune of someone else.

Former Washington State University Quarterback Jeff Tuel, he's been practicing and getting more practice reps with the Buffalo Bills due to a freak knee injury to starter Kevin Kolb. Kolb slipped on a rubber mat coming out to practice last Saturday and he tweaked his knee, which meant Tuel and the Buffalo Bill's first round draft pick, E.J. Manual, split reps at quarterback all weekend.

Despite Tuel's great practices on both days, he's putting things into perspective before thinking too far ahead.

"Earning a spot on this team and just earning the trust of the players and the coaches, where if something like this does happen I can step in and they can trust me," said Tuel. "I want to be a guy that they can fall back on as the third guy, right now."

With only three quarterbacks on the Bill's roster, chances are good that Tuel will remain on the team throughout the season.

Best of luck to Tuel as he tries to climb the ranks in the NFL.