With latest win, Seahawks fever is burning up

SEATTLE -- What a performance, what domination and what bragging rights. All that buzz is great for the team and for fans and our city.

In front of a record crowd and before a national audience, the Seahawks delivered a statement performance that everyone's talking about.

From sports radio KJR studios: "This is the best team of the NFC, maybe best in NFL dare we say it? The Super Bowl on the horizon? The path may go through Seattle."

KJR's Ian Furness was equally excited when he spoke to his afternoon listeners. The 950 am call-in lines lit up with Hawks fans happy to relive the highlights of Monday Night Football's match up at the Clink. The Hawks secured playoff birth and remain undefeated at home. The first KJR caller got Furness laughing out loud when he asked, "Is it awesome to be blue today or what?"

Awesome indeed. Even the national media is buzzing about the Hawks. Today ESPN tipped the NFC balance to the Seahawks with a cartoon tweet. That likely make sense to Furness's co-host Jason Puckett, aka "Puck."

"I think the buzz of the area right now this is the chance this is the legitimate shot and I don't know maybe we felt in 2001 (Mariners) and then in 1996 with the Sonics, but I think this is the moment our chance to win the championship here," Puckett said.

Caller after caller gushed about their Hawks, mentioning repeatedly the unadulterated dominance the team showed last night.

"Such a spectacular job of shutting down the Saint's D line and the pressure to allow Wilson to throw," one caller said.

There's even a Hawks anthem called "Seahawks Time." Tacoma Hip Hop artist K Cartier says the song has made its way to the Hawks' website. Cartier insists it is the Seahawks Time - as in Super Bowl bound.

"This team is the team of the year." said Kris, one of many fans at the Teams Pro Shop at CenturyLink field today.

The Hawks moved their fans and the fans moved the Clink. A UW Seismologist says a 1 or 2 magnitude earthquake registered when Michael Bennett returned a Drew Brees' fumble for a touchdown. You can actually see the spike on the seismograph. It looks like thick blue heavy concentration of tightly scribbled lines of color.

The vibration lasted more than a minute.

"It was loud, very loud, but more than the noise it was the vibrating," said the state's Seismologist and UW Professor John Vidale.

He said the stomping and clapping caused the seats to sway and that caused the ground to vibrate.

"The fans realized what power they have and they exercised it last night," Vidale said.

Tim and Kimberly Peters of Roseville, California were part of the record size crowd, which was more than 68,000 strong.

"It was crazy and amazing. It felt like we were a part of the game and helping the team out," said Peters.

The fans grabbed another national headline by reclaiming the title for loudest sporting event.

"I love the Seahawks, they are perfect, but today my voice is gone" said Abdul Alsarras, who came from Virginia to see the Hawks.

He couldn't leave without hitting the pro shop for some Hawks merchandise.

Seattle was a winner last night, too. The Visitors Bureau is already seeing the fruits of the national attention.

"It was my first time here it was a dream of mine to come," said Malik Bois, who made the trip from Virginia with Abdul.

Bois knows if the Hawks continue to play on fire, that the road to the Super Bowl would go through Seattle.

"I will be back for the NFC Championship game, they'll be here," said a confident Bois.

Tim and Kimberly Peters from California will be back too. They love the Seahawks and they fell in love with Seattle this trip too.

"It's beautiful. We drove all around, looking around before the game, visited Pikes market, I don't know a whole bunch about it, but it's gorgeous!"