Colorado governor tries to up 12s by renaming '14ers' for Broncos

DENVER -- Seattle might have the 12th Man, but Denver's Broncos can now boast they're the 14ers, at least for a day.

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced a proclamation Wednesday that temporarily renames Colorado's tallest mountain peaks -- locally known as the '14ers' -- after individual active players on the Broncos team for Super Bowl Sunday.

Yes that means Mt. Elbert will be simply known as "Peyton Manning" for 24 hours this weekend. The 52 other mountains that make up the 14ers were matched to the other 52 players on the team's active roster. (If you're curious as to which player got which peak, you can find the list here.)

In issuing the proclamation, Hickenlooper took a few pot shots at the Seahawks, stating that Seattle makes some "OK beer" and that "the Seahawks have a 12th man, whatever, while the Denver Broncos have the greatest fans -- men, women and children -- in pro sports."

Seahawks fans might be quick to point out that their team just vanquished a team of 53 49ers, so 14ers shouldn't be an issue, right?