Prosise returns to practice as Divisional round looms


The Seattle Seahawks have been in the same position that they currently sit in now. An underdog going on the road in postseason and more times than not the Seahawks have risen to the occasion.

Saturday afternoon the Hawks will have yet another opportunity to do the same, go on the road and advance to the NFC Championship game with a win over Atlanta. Put in the same spot back in 2012 the Seahawks came up short but the two teams have seen each other more recently. That was when the Seahawks slipped by Atlanta in October.

The Seahawks were on the practice field yesterday (Wednesday) and spoke with the media before departing for the ATL earlier today and Russell Wilson discussed starting fast, something Seattle has had little success with recently.

"Just start faster, I think that's the only thing,” said Russell Wilson. “You know execute and but I think for us just stepping up to the challenge and we enjoy going on the road. I think we do a great job of it and no matter how fast you start, if you start fast you still have to finish."

"They do have some guys in different spots that we didn't see previously,” said Doug Baldwin. “But because it's such a sound defense it doesn't look that much different when you look at it as a whole. They've got some talented guys over there and there's not many weaknesses on their defense."

It’s also worth noting that C.J. Prosie returned to practice yesterday but he is doubtful for Saturday’s game that begins at 1:35 on FOX.

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