Russell Wilson gets real (and really stylish) in September's 'GQ'

Seahawks fans can find a familiar face on newsstands this month, as quarterback Russell Wilson makes his "GQ" debut in the magazine's September issue.

Wilson, who sat down with "GQ" writer Zach Baron, talked about the 'Hawks rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers, playing in Seattle, and that devastating loss to Atlanta, among other things. He also modeled some very stylish fall fashions, including several chunky, autumnal sweaters.

The 24-year-old Virginia native told Baron that playing at CenturyLink -- where the fans are recognized to be some of the loudest (albeit the most fairweather, according to a recent survey) in the league -- has its challenges.

"It's even loud for me on game days, and sometimes I can't even hear the plays," he said, noting that the 12th Man's reputation as the noisiest in the NFL is "definitely true."

Wilson earned early preseason attention for his strong performance at training camps, indicating that he wasn't a one-season player. But, says Wilson, it all comes down to buckling down and being a consistent player. When asked the best way to keep from stumbling in his second year, Wilson had this to say:

"Number one, ignore the noise. Ignore what the media says, what everybody says about you. Just continue to work hard. Also, just be very, very consistent. Be consistent in my approach, be consistent in games and practice. And the final thing: just be clutch."

In the end, he says, it's just about playing football.

"When the game's on the line, give me the ball and let's play ball," Wilson concluded.

The September issue of "GQ" is on newsstands now.