Seahawks look to future even with the disappointing loss to Falcons

LEWISTON, ID - It's been a great run for the Seahawks and despite an amazing comeback, a field goal in the last 8 seconds of Sunday's game brought their season to an end.

The hawks started off slow going into the half trailing the Falcons 20-0. However, the second half brought inspired play and a go ahead touchdown by Seattle's Marshawn Lynch. Still 31 seconds on the clock, the Falcons had time to move the ball down the field and attempt a field goal. The first one was no good but Pete Carroll had called a time-out before the kick which gave the Falcons another shot. The field goal was good and the Seahawks said good-bye to the 2012 season, losing to the Falcons 30-28. The loss was disappointing but the team is already looking forward to 2013.

"Walking off the field I got so excited for the next opportunity next year," said Quarterback Russell Wilson. "You know looking forward to what we have in the future, we have a great football team. The Atlanta Falcons did a great job of finishing and making that field goal at the end. You got to give them a lot of credit for that. We made some great plays coming back and that resilience that we showed was unbelievable and I think that's what we're all about."

Looking ahead to next year, the defeat means the Seahawks will pick 25th overall in the 2013 draft. They had the same pick last time they made the divisional round of the playoffs in 2011.