Academic All-Star: Cameron Bean

cameron bean.jpg

KLEW cares about you that’s why every Thursday during the school year we feature a high school senior who shines in and out of the classroom.

Cameron Bean played football, and is now playing baseball. Currently pitching and serving as a utility player in his final season at Colton High School.

"It's been my favorite sport for as long as I can remember. I've always had great coaches and teammates it's just been a fun experience for me,” said Cameron.

While Cameron’s enjoyed his time playing sports, he’s ready to move on to college and pursue a degree in mechanical engineering.

"I thought it would be pretty interesting because I've always been interested in machines and how they work and I’m excited to learn about why they do what they do,” he said.

No surprise that his dream job after college would be to continue to work with cars and machines, which is influenced by a passion that runs in his family.

"To ride my motorcycles my family is kinda big into it so I've got to go on a lot of trips riding dirt bikes and I've enjoyed it."

Congratulations Cameron, you’re this week’s Academic All-Star. Good luck with your final baseball season!

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