Academic All-Star Meeka Woods Excels as New Percussionist


KLEW cares about you, and every week we featurea local student who is excelling in and out of the classroom.

This week's KLEW Academic All-Star is MeekaWoods from Lewiston High School.


This Lewiston Bengal marches to the beat of herown drum.

Meeka says, "I've been involved in musicall my life."

Meeka Woods shows off her skills on the piano,just one instrument this busy Lewiston senior plays.

She spreads her time between Gold Voices choir,jazz band, and band.

Woods says, "Last year I made it to a statesolo competition in band playing a marimba solo."

Pretty impressive considering she just got intothis two years ago at the urging of her role model, band teacher Mr. Burns.

Woods says, "Junior year I went kind ofcrazy with it and now that's my big focus."

This 4.0 student is looking forward to finishingthe year strong and going on to the University of Idaho in the fall.

Woods says, "Double-majoring in percussionperformance and music education."

She plans on following in the footsteps of herrole model and becoming a band teacher herself. All thanks to a hidden talentand one persistent percusssion instructor.

Woods says, "I'm really thankful to havethat opportunity and such a supportive role model."

Congratulations, Meeka Woods, you're this week'sAcademic All-Star.

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