Academic All-Star Meyer Leads the Way at Colton High


This week's Academic All-Star shines on the court.

"I've been a part of two state championships and two third place teams and one or two academic state championships," Georgia Meyer explains.

She's a two-sport athlete on two dominate teams for Colton High School.

She says, "They're really different. Volleyballs a little more laid back, while basketball we hold ourselves to a really high standard."

Georgia also holds herself to a high standard. She's got a stellar GPA and is also in a leadership position with student government.

She says, "Being president I've tried really hard to change things and make the school a fun place for everyone. Even this last homecoming I tried to make more activities that everyone wanted to be a part of."

She knows the feeling of success, whether through a championship win or A+ grades,, only comes from pushing yourself. That's why her favorite subject is math.

"Not understanding something and actually working to actually have to figure out how to do it is kind of an awesome challenge for me."

All that will come in handy when she goes off to Washington State University to become a veterinarian. But even as she leaves Colton High, she knows she has the whole team behind her.

"Most kids don't get to experience most of the things that we do in Colton, so it's pretty great."

Congratulations, Georgia Meyer, you're this week's Academic All-Star.

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