Academic All-Star Puts Education Above Love of Basketball


When you walk into Lapwai High School, Hattie Covers Up may be the friendly face that greets you.

"Lapwai Middle School/High School, this is Hattie. How can I help you?" Hattie answers an incoming call.

She's an assistant in the office, and between dual-credit courses and her favorite government class, keeps up a stellar GPA.

"Education always comes first," Hattie says, "so whatever you do, I always put my full force with [it]."

This Wildcat is college-bound, committed to the University of Idaho. She's thinking of pursuing a career as an early childhood teacher.

Hattie says what drew her to teaching young children was the opportunity to give them a good foundation in learning. "You help them stand, you start them out for this whole long journey they're going to have," she says.

She takes inspiration from her mom, who raised her own children and Hattie's nieces and nephews, as well as from a basketball team she's spent the last three years with.

Hattie says of Lapwai girls basketball, "We've grown up with each other, so it's like that family dynamic."

Even as she prepares to leave her team and her high school career, Hattie knows she can always leave it all on the court.

"Yeah, get your anger out there, your stress. It's just kind of been like, my thing," she says of basketball.

Congratulations, Hattie Covers Up, you're this week's Academic All-Star!

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