All-Star Hailey Ames is Aiming for the Stars of the Human Universe


Hailey Grace Ames is known for her drive and focus.

"I've had a 4.0 since I was in elementary school," she laughs.

This soon-to-be valedictorian is president of Skills U.S.A, and spends time volunteering at Prestige Care and working with children at Quality Behavioral Health.

It's given her a unique perspective.

Hailey says, "I just think it's really interesting how the human body works. Almost like looking at a universe that's yourself, so everybody's like their own universe."

She'll be going cross-country to attend Boston University to keep exploring the human universe. "My major, it's kind of a long one. Biology with a specialization in cell biology, molecular biology, and genetics." How does she even remember that? "I"ve had to practice it a couple times," she laughs.

With that same focus on the future ahead of her, Hailey isn't forgetting the things that have brought her here. "I appreciate my mom and all she does for me and I know that I'm probably going to miss her a lot when I go to Boston. I love my mom."

Congratulations Hailey Ames - and Hailey's mom for raising this week's Academic All-Star.

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