Devin Richards has ambitious goals for his next chapter of life


KLEW cares about you, that is why every week we feature a local student who is excelling in and out of the classroom.

This week’s Academic All-Star comes to us from Potlatch.

Meet Devin Richards a 5th generation native from Potlach. The 4.0 senior has just a couple of months left in high school, but he is making the most of it while he can.

“So it's weird, but exciting feeling to go into the next chapter,” said Devin.

And the next chapter will take him just down the road to the University of Idaho where he wants to study civil engineering. After that he has some ambitious goals.

“In the 2030’s want to go to Mars with Space-X or NASA so I can be one of the engineers first mission to Mars,” said Devin.

And his favorite subject in school, physics, can certainly help take him there.

“I like the math and the concepts behind it and the science part of it,” said Devin.

Outside of the classroom Devin has been involved in Band, FCCLA, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track & Field. The thing he will miss the most about school, is the friends he has made.

“Since we are such a small school everyone knows everyone, with 30 people in my graduating class, I know every single person,” said Devin.

Congratulations Devin Richards you are this week’s Academic All-Star.

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