Extracurricular school activities are second nature for Isaiah Ewing

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KLEW cares about the community that’s why every week we feature a local high school senior who shines in and out of the classroom.

Clarkston High School senior Isaiah Ewing looks a little older than most Bantams. “I hear I look like I’m 25 a lot, so stuff like that,” he said.

Isaiah really is a high schooler. He graduates in just a few weeks, and he has plans to stay local and go to LCSC to study accounting.

“I just like how small this community is. You know. It feels weird being in such a big place to me.”

Isaiah is involved in a ton of activities from track and field, to football, to knowledge bowl and more still maintaining a near 3.9 GPA. He’s in so many things he even forgets some.

“Oh, marching band, I forgot about that. I did that during football too.”

He’s in so many things because he says it’s just second nature. “I’m kind of a completionist,” he said. “It’s kind of like second nature to like if I can, I probably should, you know.”

But like any other high schooler, he relaxes with a controller in his hands, playing Fortnite.

“Me and my friends, we do like game night. We get together and just stay up till like 3:00AM playing video games together.”

Congratulations Isaiah, you’re this week’s Academic All-Star.

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