Knowing when to push yourself is sound advice from Kameron Kinkade

academic all star pic.jpg

Kameron Kinkade goes to Pullman High School, and math is his favorite subject. “I like how there’s only one right answer, there may be many different ways to get there but only one real answer.”

Kameron might look familiar because he was one of our prep athletes of the week earlier this year. But football isn’t the only sport he’s into. He is also on the track, wrestling, and basketball teams. On the academic side, he has some pretty solid advice about his packed schedule.

“If you don’t know where your limits are you never know where to push yourself,” he explained.

After Kameron graduates, he wants to stay right down the road at WSU. “I really love my family and like hanging out and spending time with them. So I don’t want to go somewhere too far where it takes forever just to come back. Just popping in for dinner once I go to college for a home cooked meal.”

And his senior project….”My senior project I’m comparing the differences and surgical techniques how it affects surgery on rehabilitation on ACL tears.”

Congratulations Kameron, you’re this week’s Academic All-Star.

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