Pomeroy All-Star Carmen Gingerich Dreams of Texas


KLEW cares about the community; that's why every week during the academic year, we highlight high school students who excel in and out of the classroom as our KLEW Academic All-Stars.


Usually the title of Academic All-Star is reserved for high school seniors, but when you have a student this accomplished exceptions are made.

"I've only had A's my whole life," Carmen Gingerich says.

This Pomeroy junior is on the fast track to success. The three-sport athlete: "Volleyball, basketball, and track," is also invested into her rural lifestyle.

"I do FFA, I show steers," Carmen says. She's also been doing piano for eleven years and spends her very minimal free time reading.

With only two weeks left in her junior year, she already looking forward to hitting the books in college.

"We've already gone down and looked at it - my hope is to go to Texas to TCU. Texas Christian University."

She may be getting into the family business of pharmacology - her uncle own's Pomeroy's pharmacy.

"I've always loved science and math. The chemistry, science, math behind it," she says of her career goal. Her backup plan? Teaching the subjects she loves.

While college may take her to the Lone Star state, she could end up taking over that very pharmacy. She says she sees herself living and working in a small town - just like her home town.

"I just kind of want to experience going away and a different - I mean I've grown up in Pomeroy my whole life, so I kind of want to see what other things are like."

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