Swimmer Anna Bunzel earns Academic All-Star honors

academic all star pic.jpg

Moscow High School senior Anna Bunzel.

Anna is a near all A student and she fills up her schedule pretty well.

Anna says, “I try to push myself and try to challenge myself academically.”

And she has got some pretty high goals in the future.

Anna says, “I want to go to college, I know that. I’m thinking maybe Denver area, but also I might stick around in Moscow. Phycology sounds really fun like helping people but also nutrition also sounds like fun.”

Outside of academics, Anna is also very involved in school.

Anna says, “I’m captain of the high school swim team here. I really like swimming and I’ve been swimming for about eight years. I swim on a club team separate from the school and then also on the school team when it’s in season.”

Congratulations Anna. You’re this week’s Academic All-Star.

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