Taking graduate courses in physics sets Dmitri Saberi apart

academic allstar pic.jpg

Most high school seniors are concentrated with ways to better their college applications this time of the year but Pullman High School senior Dmitri Saberi already has begun taking college classes, and not just any normal college courses, he’s taking graduate physics courses at WSU.

“It’s kind of weird going here and going to first period English with all your friends and hanging out here, and then going to those courses with a 25-year-old, it’s kind of like interacting with two different sets of populations. So year, it is kind of weird,” said Saberi.

Unlike most students who might have a GPA right on the brink of perfection, Dmitri is content with not necessarily hitting that mark.

“It’s more about what I’ve learned,” he explained. “As long as I don’t regret what I’ve learned or the classes that I’ve taken, then I’m fine with getting a 3.99 instead of a four-point.”

Dmitri is also the district governor of Key Club in the Pacific Northwest, and oversees over 13,000 members in four states and parts of Canada.

“It you’re passionate about something or if you want to invest in something, you always have time for it,” said Saberi. “It just depends on the amount of mental pressure you want to put on yourself.”

Congratulations Dmitri, you’re this week’s “Academic All-Star”.

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