Talented musician Derek Renzelman is a brass man

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KLEW cares about the community and that’s why every week, we feature a student who excels in and out of the classroom.

Derek Renzelman is a brass man. “Horn, trumpet, flugelhorn doesn’t really count because it’s basically a trumpet, it just sounds a little different,” said Renzelman.

He sits in First Chair in the concert bands horn section, is lead trumpet in Jazz Band, and helps conduct in Marching Band. "Nearly every music group that I can be in. Because obviously I can't be in girls' choir,” he said.

In just about everything this Lewiston Bengal does, he excels. "Currently a 3.98 GPA,” said Renzelman. “I just have that one B in math last year."

But Derek’s artistic talents don’t end with music. "I'm in the high school's production of "And Then There Were None," also in the Civic Theater's "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

He’ll soon be headed to Moscow to double major in instrumental and vocal music education at the Lionel Hampton School of Music. A dream coming from his role model…his mom.

"She plays in almost all of the Civic Theater musicals that they do,” said Renzelman. “I just grew up watching her play her, like, 5 or 6 instruments that she does. Grew up thinking I want to do that."

Congratulations Derek Renzelman, you’re this week’s Academic All-Star.

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