Community Heroes: Salvation Army's Peggy and Ralph Guthrie


The Guthrie’s have been serving our community for around 13 years, but times are about to change.

Peggy and Ralph Guthrie have been in each other's lives since the beginning. "We knew each other when we were six," said Peggy. They've been married for almost 45 years, and they live their lives by a simple code. "There's a plan, I don’t care how young or how old you are. God has a plan for you," she said. They credit that plan for bringing them to Lewiston to work for the Salvation Army.

"We've been here for almost 13 years." They use the Salvation Army as a vehicle to bring help and joy to others. "The passion that we have with the Salvation Army is helping people," said Ralph.

Being captains for the army... They run services, the soup kitchen, donation centers, and much more to give to the community. But they credit that community for giving so much to allow it all to happen. "Nowhere can the army exist without the support of the community," he explained.

But after serving the LC Valley for over a decade the Guthrie's time here is coming to an end. "We're moving to Stevensville, Montana," said Peggy.

They are retiring after years with the Salvation Army and they admit... It won't be easy. "I love everybody here, this is a wonderful community and it's very generous and very kind and very friendly. To leave here and to go somewhere, where you don't know anyone at all, but that's where our trust in god comes," said Peggy.

Even though they are moving on... They have high expectations for the future of the Lewiston branch. "I have hope that it's be even better. I'm excited for the new officers and I already have our people praying," said Peggy.

The Guthrie’s are moving in June... But their time with the salvation army isn't completely over then. They plan to take a break for a little while... Then start volunteering with the branch is Stevensville.

If you know a person who has gone above and beyond, let us know about your hero. Just email us at We'd love to share their inspiring story with our community.

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