Connie Grabois understanding and compassion for people needing food

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For the past 25 years, Connie Granbois has been the staple at Community Action Food Bank. This month she is retiring from her post. Connie started doing data entry, part-time. Her supervisor saw her potential, and 25 years later she’s still going strong.

“I just really enjoy helping people and it’s very rewarding and it’s helped many, many families,” she explained. “And I have many dedicated volunteers and staff.”

As much as she’s grown to love the families, volunteers, and staff…. the feeling is mutual. One volunteer who recently passed away, made Connie a wind chime out of pop bottles to show his appreciation.

Back in 2016, we profiled the food bank because donations were so low, the shelves were nearly empty. Connie told us then that sight hurt her heart because she can relate to the families.

“Because I grew up poor and know what it’s like to be hungry. And I just have a lot of compassion for people struggling and can understand what they’re going through.”

Connie said the need in our community continues to grow. When she first started they had about 70 households use the food bank daily. Now the average is 125 households a day, but some days the need is more.

“The other day we had 170 families that come through out front door in a day,” said Connie.

And perhaps her strongest asset is her understanding and compassion. People come in through the doors looking for help, and that’s what they get.

“We are not here to judge anybody we never want to make anybody feel bad when they’re coming in needing help with food,” she said.

Connie doesn’t consider herself a hero, simply because she feels she’s just been doing what she’s supposed to do, and that’s help people.

If you know a person who has gone above and beyond, let us know about your hero. Just email us at we’ll love to share their inspiring story with our community.

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