KLEW Community Heroes: Pomeroy Teen Creates Sanctuary in a Supply Closet


Alex Bremer is not your typical teen.

The Pomeroy junior is ASB President, a standout on the track team, and a future nurse. Even all that isn't what makes her remarkable.

"Usually when I set my mind to something, I'm going to do it," Alex says.

In early May, Alex was awarded a Bezos scholarship. She is one of only 12 high school students selected and the only one in the Pacific Northwest.

The highly competitive program selects students who are raising awareness and mobilizing action around issues important to them.

"Within my family there's been some addiction," Alex says of the deeply personal topic she chose to focus on. She'll spend a week of her summer in Aspen, Colorado at a seminar for Bezos scholars, working with the other young leaders to create a project to combat substance abuse in her small farming community. She already has an idea on where to start.

"I thought about doing something with The Closet."

The Closet is what it sounds like: a cupboard tucked away in a back room of Pomeroy Elementary. It's also so much more.

"We are a very low-income community," Alex says, "so there are a lot of families that don't have a lot. In the student body is when we notice it the most."

Alex and her mom started The Closet less than a year ago after they realized the need inside Alex's school.

"Kids are coming to school, you know, not always eating on the weekends. They don't have warm clothes, they don't have coats. You just notice that."

Gathering donations of toothbrushes, blankets, shampoo, and other basic necessities, Alex's little closet has become a sanctuary for those who may not have running water or even heat in their home. It's all tucked away in a back room where teachers can bring kids to select whatever they need.

"Looks like people have been coming in here quite a bit, because it was overflowing," Alex remarks as she looks through the cupboard and one shelf. In November, they held their first large community drive. She says the response was tremendous.

Alex is pretty humble about all the work she's done. She chalks it up to a giving spirit instilled in her by her mom and stepdad, so she was surprised when KLEW News reporter Shannon Moudy revealed she'd been selected as a Community Hero.

"I think that giving is just something that's a part of me. I like to see people staying involved, and I want to see people successful."

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