BBB warns scammers are using their name in fake lottery scheme

The phone rings and the caller says, "Congratulations! You've been awarded a lottery prize from the Better Business Bureau."

It sounds exciting. All you need to do is provide some information and pay a few handling fees and that fabulous prize is yours.

Get a call like this - hang up!

"It's a scam, a big scam," says David Quinlan with the real Better Business Bureau.

He wants you to know that these calls are going out and they are not coming from the BBB.

"You know what these scammers are trying to do is get your personal information. They want to steal your identity or they want to take your money," Quinlan said.

Quinlan reminds us that the Better Business Bureau does not have a lottery or any other sort of contest.

In fact, you should hang up on anyone who calls and says you've won a prize and they want you to send money or provide your bank account, credit card number or Social Security number.

It doesn't matter why they say they need this personal information - it's a scam.

Remember these simple rules: You can't win a contest you didn't enter. If you really win, there's nothing to pay, the prize is yours.
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