Discounts can drive down the cost of auto insurance

You don't pay sticker price for your car, why should you pay full price for your car insurance? There are lots of discounts available that might reduce your monthly premium. just surveyed the marketplace and found that all of the top 10 auto insurers offer a discount for bundling - that's when you insure both your home and your car with the company.

There are also discounts for insuring multiple vehicles, having a vehicle with an anti-theft device or daytime running lights. You might qualify for a newer vehicle discount.

"It can vary what they mean by new, but typically we're talking three years old or less and they will knock some dollars off your premium," explained Doug Whiteman, an insurance industry analyst with Bankrate.

It's always expensive to insure a teen driver, but your son or daughter may qualify for a price break if they're a good student. And You may qualify for a discount based on your occupation.

"If you're a teacher for example, you're probably not going to be on the road as much as somebody who is working for sales for a living and making a lot of sales calls," Whiteman said.

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