1st District Congressional Candidate Russ Fulcher Wants to Return Power to the People


Russ Fulcher is one of several Republican candidates for Idaho's first Congressal district.

Raised in Meridian, Fulcher has international business and political experience, having served in the state senate for ten years.

Fulcher's platform is built on strengthening the country's borders and reforming the immigration system. During his time in the Senate, Fulcher became passionate about reducing federal regulation across the board.

"Probably 75% of all the legislation that came through was some kind of federal mandate or some kind of federal regulation, and that's just not right," Fulcher says, "That wasn't the intention of the system that we have in this country. So I hope to have some influence in shifting some of that control from the federal government to states or more importantly, to the citizens."

One area Fulcher says the federal government needs to be moved out of is education - he wants to see decisions made by local school boards, teachers, and parents.

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