Area Supplemental School Levy Election 2018

lewiston levy pic.jpg

Tuesday, March 13 was Election Day for school district supplemental levies around our region and we have the latest numbers for all 8 ballot measures.

Starting with the measure for the Lewiston School District, the bond was essentially to maintain district schools, and this measure lowers the rate for Lewiston residents over a five-year period. That supplemental levy has passed with 81% of voters voting in favor of the measure.

The Highland School District, the numbers we are seeing is a unanimous approval by voters. All 15 people who voted chose to authorize the levy in the amount of $499,000 for one-year to maintain schools in the district.

In Culdesac the school district’s supplemental levy will pass as well. Over 81% of voters voted in favor of the measure that would fund the maintenance of schools within the district. Voter turnout was 23.43% with voters voting in favor 81.48% and voting against 18.52%. Total voters 108.

In Orofino, the story is much of the same. The district’s supplemental levy to maintain schools appears to have passed by a pretty fair margin. The latest numbers show over 70% of voters voting in favor of the measure. But since the Orofino School District covers Lewis County, Clearwater County, and parts of Nez Perce County, we’re still collecting numbers from officials. But it does appear the measure will pass barring any last minute massive swings.

In Genesee, the latest numbers are showing Genesee’s school bond has passed. Voter turnout came in around 26% with 76.6 voting in favor of passing the levy that will go towards maintaining schools.

In Potlatch, we had our closest contested race of the evening. The supplemental levy did pass, but only by around eight or nine points, much closer than any of the measure on the ballot. The Potlatch school supplemental levy will again go towards funds for maintaining schools within the district.

Kendrick schools has two levies on the ballot. A supplemental levy to fund the maintenance of school buildings, that levy passed with 80% of voters approving the measure. The second Kendrick School District measure, the plant facilities supplemental levy has passed by nearly the same margin. Just under 80% of voters chose to approve that measure.

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