Businessman Tommy Ahlquist says Non-Political Background Helps in Governor Race


Idaho's gubernatorial primary election is eight months away. With Governor Butch Otter stepping down in 2018, campaigns for his replacement are heating up.

Friday Republican gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist stopped in Lewiston for a meet and greet luncheon.

Ahlquist is running on what he calls a conservative blueprint, favoring limited and local government.

Per his website, Ahlquist is in favor of cutting regulations on small business, which he says will help create more jobs.

Ahlquist is the only Republican candidate with no former political experience. He spent 18 years as an E.R. doctor and now works in the real estate business.

Ahlquist says, "Business interacts with government quite a bit, so even though I'm a political outsider and I've never held a public office that I'm running for now, I've been very involved in trying to make Idaho better through policy and [make] things better for the families of Idaho."

Ahlquist says his top three concerns for Idaho are creating jobs through tax reform, improving education, and reforming healthcare by repealing and replacing Obamacare.

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