Candidate Profile: Golding for County Commission Dist. 3


In the race for Nez Perce County commissioner's third district, two Republican candidates are going head to head.

Incumbent Doug Zenner is seeking his sixth term, running against Terry Golding.

Golding calls himself a "middle-of-the-road, common sense Republican," and says in his work as a surveyor, he's dealt with the county's way of doing business. That's why he believes it's time for change.

"There's a strong need for a different direction in Nez Perce County. Through the years I've just been seeing a "no-growth initiative," if you will," Golding says.

He takes issue with a county subdivision ordinance he believes is far too restrictive for private landowners. "It made the cost of developing land astronomic for individual owners," Golding says. "A lot of owners have worked hard and toiled on their property; it's a difficult process to develop land now in Nez Perce County."

Golding says he and others voiced their concerns and even offered a different ordinance the board didn't accept. There's also been much discussion about the jail and its cost.

Golding calls it, "A tanking project."

Though Doug Zenner has said he has no idea where Golding gets his figures, Golding maintains the project came in over budget due to hidden costs and design defects.

"The first bond was pushed and it was like $16 million to build this jail. Quickly boosted to $19 million. The last time I'd heard it was up to $24 million, about five million dollars worth of overspending," he explains.

Golding says now is the time for him to stop voicing concern - and to take action as a board member. He wants to be a representative of the underdog.

"I don't want to be a yes man. Something comes through...I am a team player but everybody should be looking at it logically, not just because yes is the easiest answer," he explains.

Whichever District 3 candidate wins the May 15th primary will face Independent Bob Hasenoehrl in November.

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